"Night of the Doctor" AU | Stranded on the planet Karn, The Eighth Doctor is about to die, about to choose to become something he isn’t, out of desperation to save the universe. But seconds before he can take the potion, the TARDIS appears, and from within it comes a strange blonde woman, surrounded by a glowing light. When the speaker of the Sisterhood of Karn tells him he has no other option, the glowing woman defies her. I bring life, she proclaims, and in a flash of heat and energy, death is burned from the Doctor’s body. Amid the haze of light and heat and death and life he hears her voice, echoing to his very core: You are strong. My Doctor. You will do what needs to be done. You will heal the rifts. You will mend. The Time War will end. Be strong. Do what must be done. When the light faded and he struggled to his feet, it was only to find the light gone, and the TARDIS fading away. Gone, though he did not know it then, to Satellite 5. And as the Doctor struggled on, ending the Time War, he kept in his mind the image of the powerful blond woman with the glowing eyes, who had rescued him. He never knew it was her, Rose Tyler of planet Earth with her cheeky remarks and her yellow-blond hair… until she stepped out of that glowing TARDIS on Satellite 5, oh, so many years later, and she looked at him and said, my doctor. And he knew, then, that he loved her. 

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    Night of the Doctor AU: Stranded on the planet Karn, The 8th Doctor is about to die, about to choose to become something...
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